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Supercharge your marketing with the fastest-growing marketing technique

We make brands successful using native advertising, the most effective way to generate sales, leads, and interest.

Backed by a team with over $2bn in media spend experience, we help our Clients develop a winning strategy, and then manage the entire campaign process for them.

Our AI-powered technology provides lightning-fast optimization across all the native networks (including Taboola, Outbrain, Facebook, Yahoo Oath and Twitter) to generate unmatched results.

So if you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, or you’ve tried native before and are looking for better results, click the button below to book your free call with our strategy team today.

“Native is important to Google because we think native advertising will be the future of advertising and it benefits everyone in the ecosystem; the users, the publishers, the advertisers. We need to really reconnect with the users in the advertising space otherwise we’re all out of jobs.”

Mobile Product Specialist

Ekin Ozenci, Google

Brands of all sizes have moved $38 Billion of their annual marketing budgets to native advertising, making it one of the most successful marketing techniques of all time.

Why? Unlike other forms of advertising, native advertising is chosen by your audience, not pushed into their faces.  And as a brand, you only pay when they show interest in you.

Hundreds of millions of individuals are reading content on premium publishers every day, we offer the most effective way to make that content be yours.

Unlike any other company, we combine AI-driven optimization across all 42 native networks (including Twitter, Outbrain, Facebook, Taboola, and Yahoo), to deliver up to 10x performance!

How native works…

1. An individual is browsing their favorite content on premium sites

2. Brands like you choose which individuals you want to show your content to

3. Individuals see your brand, and will themselves choose to engage with your content

Our FOUR unique benefits

“When we looked at the native industry we realized that despite its growth, it simply wasn’t designed to suit our needs. What we really wanted was intelligent optimization to drive down the price while keeping the quality high. When we realized this didn’t exist, we went away and built BoostThis.ai so you can have these benefits too.”

1. One Platform, All Networks

The more native networks that your content runs on, the more your spend can be optimized and the more your profits increase. 

Automated management of budgets across all 42 of the major native networks, generating clicks and engagements up to 10x lower than anyone else.

2. Engagements Over Clicks

The native networks today deal in clicks, but clicks don’t guarantee engagement or success.

When a campaign is optimized with BoostThis.ai we manage that click problem and optimize to those individuals who actively engage.

3. Powerful Optimization and Testing

Second by second optimization across all native sources.

Fully automated multi-variant testing of headlines, images, and content, and dynamic bid strategies.

Many of our Clients have run native before, but have only found success with us.

4. Competitor Analysis

Prior to campaign launch, we use in-depth research tools to see every similar native campaign running to get a head start on your optimization.


Getting started is easy…

03Choose your content

Articles, earned media, reviews and videos all work great for native campaigns.

03Tell us about your audience

What do they like, what are their interests, where do they live? Audience insights help guide our AI systems. 

03Don’t know where to start?

Our specialists can design and build your campaign for you. Call us on 877.394.9395 or email hi@BoostThis.ai

Common questions

Q: How does Native Advertising work?

Native advertising has been called many things in the past, including ‘sponsored content’ and ‘content marketing’. Today, the term ‘native advertising’ broadly means using content to promote your brand.

Whether you realize it or not you will have seen native advertising in action many times. It is easy to find on premium websites under sections called ‘you might also like to read’, ‘sponsored’, or something similar.

Native has become the fastest growing form of advertising because of its high-performance levels. As opposed to other forms of advertising that push an ad in front of your audience, native is presented as something of interest or value for them to read or watch.

Even better, they will only click on your headline IF your content is of interest to them… no interest, no click, no cost!

You can use original content, earned media, videos, and reviews as your native content. We are experts in native strategy and can help you determine a strategy.

Q: Why is it better to work with BoostThis.ai instead of with the native networks directly?

There are 4 major benefits to working with BoostThis, listed below. The most important thing to know is we are built to take advantage of powerful machine-learning, giving our campaigns an unfair advantage over the competition.

1. Optimization across all the native networks allows us to invest your spend where the cost is lowest and the performance is highest. We have found that every piece of content performs differently on each network, and by optimizing across all the platforms results in greater performance.

2. Campaigns are optimized to a CPE (cost per engagement) model, not just clicks.

3. Multi-variant testing runs thousands of ad combinations (headlines, images, etc) to find the best possible return on ad spend.

4. Using our ‘spy tools’ we can analyze a competitor’s campaign to get a head start on performance.

Additionally, we have a ton of experience, we are really nice to work with, and we know a lot about what we are doing 🙂

Q: What size campaigns do you work with?

Anything from $750, all the way up to $millions per month!

Q: Can BoostThis.ai make the content for us too?

Yes, we can. A Client Strategist will first learn about your goals, business, and audience and then make recommendations for each content piece. We then have a team of experienced freelancers who can handle any industry and messaging.

We like to be very transparent with our pricing, but content is a little different because of how much it can vary. As an idea though, we produce 300 and 600-word articles with feature image for less than $100, and 1,000-word articles with an image for less than $150.

Contact us to learn more – 877-394-9395 / hi@boostthis.ai

Q: Great, how do I get started?

We’re ready to help. Give us a call (877.394.9395) or email hi@BoostThis.ai

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