SEO is an essential strategy to reach leads who are searching for your product, emerging from the pack to get your content seen. But what about potential customers who aren’t searching? What about the users who scroll through content rather than searching for it? Are there ways to boost your content to the top of the news feed?

The Changing Face of Online Behavior

We all know that online behavior patterns are leaving the desktop and going mobile. Every year, smartphone usage increases worldwide, and people are leaving their desktops and browser behaviors online. Today, half of the global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and consumers spend about 3.5 hours a day using their phones. For marketers, this shift in behavior is critical, because instead of typical desktop browser behavior, mobile users spend 89% of their online time using apps. These users aren’t searching for content; they are opening specific apps and browsing the news, social media, music, and e-commerce sites that they already prefer.

This makes content marketing even more critical for brands that want to succeed in the modern marketplace. Instead of relying on online advertising among competitor brands to get traffic and sales, brands also have to secure a spot in the news feed, offering content that is as engaging and relevant as anything else in their social and news feeds.

Top Strategies to Lead the Feed

In order to increase brand content visibility within apps, here are some of the best strategies:

  • Cross-promotional content. There are two important aspects of cross-promotional activities, and smart brands do both.
    • In-brand cross-promotion. In-brand cross-promotional activities include linking to your video content or email newsletter from within social channels, encouraging web visitors to follow you on social media, and sharing blog posts and web links on social channels. With a comprehensive strategy that offers your audience multiple ways to engage with your brand, you build brand engagements and connect better with brand advocates.
    • Cross-promotional partnerships. Identify other non-competitive brands that appeal to your audience, and partner with them. Partnering with leaders and influencers, relevant non-profits, or local businesses builds opportunities for both brands to increase visibility. Write guest blog posts, collaborate on a campaign, share their events or video content, and grow your audience organically.
  • Sharable content. Sharable content is a no-brainer. It can be difficult to create, but reap huge rewards. With an engaged audience spreading your message for you, you boost your reputation and build authentic online communities.
  • Native advertising. Native advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your content into your audience’s feeds. Native advertisements look, feel, and behave just like any other online content, blending seamlessly into the news feed. Native advertisements overcome ad fatigue, and get 53% more views than display ads. A study from the Stanford Graduate School of Business shows that, though consumers are well aware that native ads are sponsored content, they aren’t annoyed by native ads, and that such ads have long-term effects on purchasing behavior. Some of the essential characteristics of effective native advertising are:
    • Consistent with other feed content. Effective native advertising needs to mirror the function, format, and behaviors of other content on that platform. If content is to be repurposed from other channels, it needs to be reformatted for the new channel.
    • Narrowly targeted. Unlike display ads, native advertising needs to be tailored for specific audiences, using your audience and channel metrics to reach specific demographics.
    • Measured by engagement. Native ads aren’t measured by clicks and purchases; successful campaigns are measured by engagements. As we know, these ads are intended to have long-term influence, rather than direct response.

To be successful online, brands need to look beyond search and buying behavior, and reach leads earlier in the customer journey. Content marketing is the best way to connect with mobile audiences and influence purchasing decisions over the long term, and BoostThis has the experience and expertise to help you thrive in the new mobile landscape.