It’s like Facebook’s BOOST POST, but for the whole web!

Give your content the audience it deserves.

Use our 1-step boost service to push your content to your ideal audience, and only pay for relevant readers!

This specially designed service offers you the FASTEST and EASIEST way to acheive your goals.

You’re in great company!

We use native advertising to put your content onto major, relevant publishers.

We have uniqely built affordable packages that will run on the same optimization platform we use for large-scale, major brand Clients (Facebook, Virgin Atlantic, etc).

As a PR company, being able to guarantee that the content we generate for our clients will actually be read by the right audience has allowed us to offer a better service and win much more business.

PR Executive

We invest quite a lot into content production, and use it primarily to generate leads for our business. We do a pretty good job of attracting organic traffic, but to ensure we get the results we need, we like to use a boost to get it front of the right audience faster.

CMO, technology company

Easy to get started, simple pricing

Step 1:

Choose the size of your audience, and signup. Choose your content, including pages on your own site, external reviews, or any earned media on a 3rd party website.

Step 2:

Complete the campaign details form, including the page or site you want to promote, how long you would like the campaign to run, and who your ideal audience is.

Step 3:

BoostThis.ai will take care of the setup & optimization of the campaign, and provide reporting after the campaign.

Common Questions

Where do my visitors come from?

We generate real readers using native advertising, (learn more about what native advertising is here). Each visitor will have chosen to read your content, having seen your headline on major publishers.

At BoostThis.ai we use the exact same platform to run these campaigns as we do on large-scale mega brand campaigns. We have uniquely built processes that allow us to package up this incredible capability into campaign sizes suitable for boosting content.

What content can I boost?

The content can be an article or blog post on your own site. It can also be a piece of content on any 3rd party publication,  and it can even be a review site, such as Yelp or BBB.

When will my campaign start?

Typically within 24 hours.

How long will it take to deliver my audience?

Our standard timeframe for completion is 14 days, but you may request a shorter or longer time period on your campaign details form after signup.

How do you guarantee my readers are real people?

Our platform contains fraud detection capabilities, and just like other pay per click options, you only pay for real clickers.

How do you make the audience so relevant?

Native advertising is self-selecting, meaning only relevant, interested individuals are going to visit.

Additionally we use your audience description to filter the the publishers your campaign will run on. 

Each campaign can also be geo-targeted to country, state and city.

Find your audience, and make your content start working harder for you!