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Learn how we generate additional revenue for PR professionals… and get a free competitor analysis

You’ve worked hard to make that earned media / coverage happen for your Client, now make that same content work hard for you.

We have several spots available for our strategists to explain how we do this using native advertising, and how you can immediately offer this yourself.

We all want our earned media to be read and shared, but often we are limited by the reach of the publication it appears in.

Not anymore.

We help you distribute that earned media to many, many more relevant individuals, and every time we do this, we share the campaign revenue back to you.

Happier Client, and more revenue for you!

The free competitor analysis:

BoostThis.ai uses tools that allow us to see every native ad running across the web. Pick one of your Clients and let us know who some of their competitors are, and we will provide you with a full analysis, free of charge, no commitment.

What is native advertising?

We promote your earned media using Native Advertising.

While individuals are browsing the web we suggest they read your content. If the headline is relevant to them, they will click and engage.

Whether you realized it or not, you will have likely clicked on a lot of native advertising. It is easy to find it on major publishers like Time, Wired, USA Today, Business Insider, etc..

What’s particularly great about native is that you only pay when someone actually clicks, not when they see the headline, making this a guaranteed campaign.

“Native is important to Google because we think native advertising will be the future of advertising and it benefits everyone in the ecosystem; the users, the publishers, the advertisers. We need to really reconnect with the users in the advertising space otherwise we’re all out of jobs.”

Ekin Ozenci

Mobile Product Specialist, Google

On the call, learn …

  1. how to position and sell this to your Client
  2. how to generate profit for yourself from offering this service
  3. what types of content work best
  4. sample results from real campaigns
  5. how to get started

And of course, it’s your opportunity to learn all about native, including why it’s the fastest-growing marketing technique in the world with over $38 Billion annually.

Additionally, BoostThis.ai has developed an AI-powered platform that generates campaign results that others simply can not.

Go ahead and book a call, we’re looking forward to meeting you.